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Hi. :3

My name is Lucas and I run L33 recording services with the express goal of providing access to great musical hardware, education on how it works and the support to get your project finished. Please reach out for a tour and/or booking, as well as  backline rental of some select gear. Have a browse, check out the stuff and the space, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

located inside one of the weirdest buildings downtown Mammoth Lakes.

a place that evokes feelings of familiarity and isolation in liminality

the Space

High quality recording equipment, treated Iso rooms and a plethora of very special spacial options leads to a unique and comfortable experience packed with all the tools you need to make music. 

the Stuff

great mics, great instruments, comfortable creative space, open play areas and a holistic approach to each project. Whether your song is 100% ready to get printed or you have some ideas that need development,    we would love to help.

my Ethos

Work/Play/Create - are these words synonymous for you too? Our goal at lvl33 is to provide the tools and toys alongside the experience and attitude to approach any project with confidence and grace. Sure we record music but it's more than just that, no?

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